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Have you ever dreamed of sharing your business’s story in your actual business with your actual employees and maybe even the shop dog? Sure, models and sets are fun but they can be impersonal and even a little boring. What makes you, you? Let’s bring the studio to you and capture your story in your way. No idea is too big. Let’s create something worth talking about.

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#ABOUTLASTNIGHt photo series with The Block Distilling Co.

Many of us have those nights where inhibitions were diminished, or completely lost, and we wake up maybe not quite remembering the whole story but definitely remembering enough to make our cheeks blush. At The Block we don’t consider those #aboutlastnight stories embarrassing. We consider them badges of honor, like scars with amazing action tales. So we decided to document them. Are they fictitious or did they happen? We won't tell. That’s #aboutlastnight. When all your waking and sleeping hours are dedicated to spirits, some pretty funny things can happen at the distillery.